WL//WH Track Of The Day: PLENĒRS “Nēnujā / In the Shadow”

Track Of The Day  Plenērs  

Although we don’t have any news about the long-awaited second album, Latvian Post-Punkers Plenērs from Riga gives us another single titled Nēnujā / In the Shadow.”

The band elaborate a dark, atmospheric and emotive sound, combining ’80s UK moody post-punk classicism with mesmeric, somber melodies and penetrating shoegazing reverberations.

Lyrics in Latvian idiom express weary, collective sentiments for a global disassociation where fear, pain, and acceptance build a distracted awareness lying with “In the Shadow” of denial and bliss.

Sparse yet persistent drumming in relentless counter-time fosters a plaintive, murmuring and pulsating bassline that constantly builds shadowy spirals burdened with pain and melancholy spreading spectral tormented auras, ripped apart by wandering glowing guitar wails blasting into obscurity with excruciating crystalline intensity, then drifting away in painfully distorted emotive riffs, amidst with dramatic droning synth sirens, around solemn, aching male vocals, enshrined in halos of dread, breathing disconnected emotions into submerged falling shouts of discomforted fate.