WL//WH Track Of The Day: PLEASURE VICTIM “Holy Violence”

Track Of The Day   Pleasure Victim

Portland, Oregon-based act Pleasure Victim deftly balances the right dose of melancholia and angst with pulsing dancing industrial rhythms, at times, fueled with old-school EBM, at the heart of a cold and at the same time lush and sensual mutant synth-pop artifice that throbs and vibrates, laced with alluring vocal nuances of strong yet vulnerable emotional and sexual tension, equally sleazy, mercurial and carnal, amid purification and decay, redemption and damnation, drenched in neon-lit noir aesthetic. The band dub their sound “Drama Pop”.

Pleasure Victim has dropped at the start of the month the new single, “Holy Violence”, laced with dichotomous lyrics that lie perplexed betwixt the hazy realm of pleasure and pain to confess a dire melancholy and unbridled desire for both.

Besides the previously disclosed Depeche Mode, Fad Gadget or NIN suggestions, the airy and flashy female chorus, hint at Human League and a brooding, New Order-like bassline, add further luscious melodic intrigue and refined modern dark dance-pop seductions.

“Holy Violence” is led by a warm, limber and eager bass that bounces and pulses, along with metallic plonks, steady lashing snare beats, at a dancing, syncopated, almost funky, pace, stabbed by lustrous chromatic neurotic guitar strains and subtly glittering humming synths, whilst emotional agony-fueled male vocals release desperate fears, abrasive secrets, and cold dramatic forebodings, amid shivering female fears, to descend powerless, triggered by the deep melancholic bleakness of a meandering achingly vibrant dense bassline, into a sinister spiral of deceptive torment.

Pleasure Victim‘s new single, “Holy Violence”, including a couple of remixes from Ceremony Shadows and Xenachrona, club-ready the former, more experimental the latter, is out now on the main streaming platforms.

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