WL//WH Track Of The Day: PINXO PINXO (feat. Tráeme Flores) “Dolor Personal”

Track Of The Day PINXO PINXO (feat. Tráeme Flores)

Barcelona-based Pinxo Pinxo is a new musical collaborative project formed by Peru-native cousins ​​Diego and Sergio, both members of the band Ramona Flores.

Pinxo Pinxo‘s debut 2-track single “Lejos de Casa”, a foretaste of what will inform their first EP, features fellow Barcelona denizens on vocal duty such as the dark electronic musician known as Tr​á​eme Flores in “Dolor Personal”, his voice reminds me the Madrilistas  Somos La Herencia, and Argentinian artist Nena de Sandro in the title track “Lejos de Casa”.

Despite the possibly misleading lysergic artwork, the band combines moody Post Punk urgency, and desolate Cold Wave atmospherics, with hazy reverb-strewn shoegazey guitar tones, to build the proper amount of gloom, restlessness and electrifying tension.

“Dolor Personal” is a song about the traumatic internal conflict that lies within us all and how the fear of failure or/of self-destruction or/of losing control can stop a person from leading a full, perhaps even enjoyable, life.

Unceasing tight drum programming skips along ominous bleak pulsing basslines layered by painfilled piercing guitar slivers, and The Sound-like icy swirling synth drama atop haunted strained, agonized vocals, distant falling emotional cries, and cold baritone broods, to release angst and despair.

The nostalgic and dreamy “Lejos de Casa”  feat. Nena de Sandro, slinks hurriedly through a rush of metronomic beats, warm rubbery bass vibrations, and glistening wistful guitar melodies with lost, ghost-like sombre vocalizations longing for a faraway home.

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