WL//WH Track Of The Day: PINK DEPRESSION “Bow Down”

Track Of The Day  Pink Depression  

Although active since around 2019 with a mini-album and a handful of tracks under their belts, the Riverdale, California-based Synth-Dark-Wave group Pink Depression returns, at least on Bandcamp, as a three-piece with a captivating and best single so far, “Bow Down”, almost two years after the previous, not properly convincing, “98666.”

Whilst torn lyrics fight the impulse to give in to another’s charm, the catchy and pulsing band’s take on 80s-tinged Post-punk is dress-up with a darkened sheen of ringing guitars, and atmospheric synths, heightened by intense deep vocalizations.

A rubbery and sprightly sulky bass line snaking along with steady hypnotic beats, to drive dim and blurry chiming guitar melodies wandering with glistening and chilly spectral beauty, swept by fluid synth drifts, wistfully flickering and echoing around lost baritone broods, longing and aching in helpless strains of anxiety and intoxication.

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