WL//WH Track Of The Day : PHARMACIST “You Bore Me Half To Death”

Track Of The Day Pharmacist

Born as a trio made of Moa Dannefjord, Julian Dannefjord, and Gustaf Grönlund, Swedish outfit Pharmacist, with their debut three-tracker ”Renaissance EP”, released in January 2018, put themself forward as one of the most promising indie bands of the Gothenburg music scene, with a rousing and fresh mix of 90’s noise guitar rock and late-period Blur.

Pharmacist introduce in the new year, along the addiction of Silverkulten guitarist and vocalist Vilhelm Thunberg, with the new single “You Bore Me Half To Death” that marks the intriguing introduction of gloomy post-punk elements to their ability to write noisy pop songs filled with both style and substance.

Highlighting an unprecedented dark fiery vibrancy while maintaining their unbridled energy and distinctive knack for melody, “You Bore Me Half To Death” unfolds effortlessly direct, dense basslines backed with syncopated and tight drums that propel the song forward, charged with razor sharp guitar riffs. The pulsing bass grows in intensity as rhythms build over hypnotizing searing guitar melodies loaded by the beautifully tense, angry and brassy vocals increasingly bristling with excitement, relief and a little bit of sadness.

An electrifying and infectious post-punk number that could represent the start of a new intriguing sonic path for the young Swedish band.

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