WL//WH Track Of The Day: PAT MOON “Push Forward”

Track Of The Day   PAT MOON

After two studio albums between 2013 and 2018, it seemed that Pat Moon, the moniker behind which veiled the North Carolina-bred classically trained musician, composer and singer Kate Davis, traveling among Portland, Los Angeles, Austin, and now who knows where, had been left aside forever for a new beginning as Katherine de Rosset, with a sound proposal more bent to a ‘new age’ organic Ambient Pop, strewn with Classical and Folk sheens, without those slightly noir-ish gothic strains and earthy existential anxiety that characterized the former spellbinding and haunting Dark Atmospheric Pop incarnation, albeit, however, always nestled amidst the eternally flaming stars of Kate Bush and Cocteau Twins, but certainly closer to the mystical and ecstatic contemplation of Enya to make an easy comparison.

Enigmatically a new Pat Moon single, titled “Push Forward”, was released yesterday at the same time as one, named “Golden Rige,  by Katherine de Rosset, almost to lure us to ‘spot the differences’ between the two.

Intimate lyrics prompt a lost soul to ‘Push Forward’ through the pain of abandonment.

As usual distinctively spectral and ethereal the song floats on a lilting and hypnotic bed of shuffling and tinkling percussions, washed in emotive bittersweet auras of vaporous synth pads and glowing wistful keys, solemnly pulsing with sinuous arcane vibrancy, amid grave solitude and glimmers of renewed hope, imbued by soft fragile angelic vocals and cool celestial cries, releasing heartfelt fear into a dreamlike outpour of diluted sensations gently taking shape of vivid emotional visions.

We do not know, as is likely, whether it is a ‘lost track’ from times gone by, but the obscure oneiric abductions, delicate lyricism and dark drama of raw introspective vulnerability from Pat Moon is always an immersive and stirring sensorial experience, to be savored thoroughly.

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