WL//WH Track Of The Day: PAST SELF “Die Cry Hate”

Track Of The Day  PAST SELF  

Sin City’s New-Goth band Past Self, formerly known as Luxury Furniture Store, made up of singer and guitarist Will Kim (aka Proteus), bassist Julian West (aka Spektor), and synth player Holly Haywood (aka Aether), follow their October 2021‘s debut album “Bedrot”, with a first glimpse from the upcoming EP, slated for release on July 27th, of the title track “Die Cry Hate”.

Pulling inspirations from The Cure, The Church, and Bunnymen along with early 4AD and Projekt Records, the Las Vegas-based trio concoct an atmospheric, hazy, and melodic Post-punk sound flecked with shades of distorted Shoegaze textures and Dream-Pop dizziness, built on driving rhythms, humming bassline, spectral synths and mesmerizing layers of psychedelic-tinged ethereal effect-filled guitars, in a seamless interpenetration of haunting darkness and spellbinding light, cloaked in moping introspection and gothic sensitivity.

“Die Cry Hate” is infused with romantic lyrics that writhe in the make-believe reality of a loved one, trying to survive amid impossible dreams.

Steady restless drum beats pound with a syncopated pace overlaid with shimmering blankets of somber crystalline guitar chimes, swept by lonesome airy synth drifts, to echo and ripple, with hopeless wandering urgency, around caressing, wistful vocals, longing with aching suffering,  in an obsessive disenchanted fatalism.

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