WL//WH Track/Lyric Video Of The Day: PARKING DANCE “Someday”

Track Of The Day Parking Dance

One of the post-punk songs that are hitting me the hardest in recent times is last week’s “Someday”, the third single taken from the upcoming sophomore album “Can’t Explain” from Parking Dance, the solo project of French musician Matthieu Bonnécuelle, that despite clear hints of The Cure, moreover from the period of the ‘Dark Trilogy’ to which I am most fond of, it strikes precisely for his personal, and visceral heartfelt approach, laced with compelling melodic gloom.

After last year’s bursting debut album “What More?”, the Toulouse-based of diverse talents has kept on delving into the boundaries of his distinctive ‘spiral’ hypnotic post-punk sound rich in passion and intensity with a gripping combination of piercing reverb-strewn atmospheric shoegaze distortion and a hectic grip of rhythmic post-punk edge, weaving dilated enveloping layers with abrasive resounding strains, marked by deep convulsive pulsations into a thick tapestry of existential despair, anxiety, and anger in an intense, emotionally striking rollercoaster ride of ecstasy and pain, introspection and aggression, that will lure you far into a tumultuous trance of hypnotic rapture.

 “Someday” unleashes steady off-tempo thudding beats, interspersed by lilting, sizzling hisses, that flank a turbulent, hypnotic low throbbing bassline coated in a hazy whirlwind of reverberated penetrating guitar chimes, looming obsessively over dry, desperate male vocals that gasp and crack airlessly amid escapist lyrics that discuss life on the merry-go-round of monotonous slumber

The black and white DIY lyric video captures intimate subway wanderings, mixed with colourless kaleidoscope segments set against the backdrop of intricate drawing expansions, left pulsing and flowing in time-lapse limbo.

Parking Dance‘s incoming second LP “Can’t Explain” is due out next Friday, October 23, 2020, on CD and Digital, via Icy Cold Records.

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