WL//WH Track Of The Day: PARADOX OBSCUR “Intercourse”

Track Of The Day  Paradox Obscur

 Athens-based, Greek strictly hardware, dark electronic duo Kriistal Ann and Toxic Razor, AKA Paradox Obscur seem to explore different shades of darkness in their latest creations, through lush and elegant darkly seductive danceable esoteric motifs, shimmered in a nocturnal afterglow, constantly simmering with a wistful and sensual intensity, drenched in a suffused neon-lit aesthetic.

The pair have unveiled the A-side, “Intercourse”, from the upcoming Limited 2-track Cassette single, “Intercourse / Glow”, slated for release on March 4, 2022.

Hypnotic kicks, crisp claps along with smoothly bubbling basslines heart-pulse and bounce seductively in unison, cutting through the uncanny obscurity, blazed by snappy silky synth flashes, amid a sparse streak of echoing tinny stabs, tight sharp percussive reiterations, 8-bit buzzing frequencies, whilst slinky, surreal male/female vocals swing between soft, monochromatic breathes and sensual crystalline cries, layered with poetic lyrics of conflict, change, and harmony floating into a subdued loungy fog of love.

An utterly infectious Electro-Wave song with groovy Dark Disco leanings that, while keeping the band’s hardcore ‘Darkwave’ aficionados, might also appeal to the eclectic, murkiest and smoky corners of the indie dance clubbers.

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