WL//WH Track Of The Day: PARADISE BLOSSOM “Drown”


Since 2021, Fresno, California denizens Thanh Nguyen and Steven Salazar deliver, under the Paradise Blossom moniker, bedroom recordings of  ‘Coming of Age Daydream Stories’ nestled in sun-dazzled and nostalgic jangly guitar sound swathed in bright fluid synths, at times darkened with The Cure or New Order tinged undercurrents, reminiscent of the early 2000s Captured Tracks acts such as Wild Nothing, and Craft Spells, and nearest to the current Spirit Goth Records/BIRTHDIY roster of which they suitably belong.

The band’s latest single of the year, “Drown”, marks a shift into mid-90s My Bloody Valentine, Astrobrite, and lovesliescrushing hazy reverb-drenched noisy realms, wreathed in loud and dense Shoegaze textures, equally immersive, stirring and cathartic, to form a poetic sea of adoration and love to literally “drown” oneself in.

Bittersweet echoing arpeggios and hypnotic feathery strums coalesce, fueled by shuffling drum beats, into turbulent and invigorating fuzzed-up surges of distorted guitars, layered with shimmering, ringing wistful ripples, to submerge enraptured heartfelt vocals, falling through agony and ecstasy, with blissful romantic moods.

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