WL//WH Track Of The Day: PANIC REALITY “A Site Unseen”

Track Of The Day  Panic Reality

Started at the end of 2019, the freshly rebranded Panic Reality, is the solo project by Cincinnati, Ohio based young musician Avery Stanken, who, perfecting and enriching his 80’s influenced dark sound through a couple of monikers, the longstanding Smilegroup and the recent one-timer Public Sin, seems to have come to his point with the announcement of his debut album due to be released over the year.

After the early forays into darkwave and post-punk revival realms, Avery slowly incorporated mainly electronic elements up to the current prismatic and electrifying mix of moody minimal synth, swirling Italo-disco, off-kilter electro and old-school industrial rhythms.

The first preview of the new path, “A Site Unseen”, unleashes crashing, thrusting snare beats that pound alongside treacherous stuttering and bouncing bassline, refracting mechanized anxiety and rambling groovy vibes, under the glowing enveloping melancholy of melodic synth chords, flashing twinkling sci-fi stabs, and desolate woodwind-like swirling refrains, falling like dismal stars around the numb dysphoria of distorted vocals’ audible detachment from reality, fading into disassociated echoes of misunderstood pain.

Curious to understand how all these different sonic suggestions will assemble together over a long distance, the start, a fresh concoction of breaks and industrial rhythms with wistful chiming synth, is pretty promising, we will discover it soon.

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