WL//WH Track Of The Day : PALE SUN “Tides”

Track Of The Day

We just talked yesterday about the deep inner meaning and power of spontaneous and genuine music from bands without any commercial concerns, experienced Denver‘s psychedelic 3-piece Pale Sun is a perfect example of that assumption, writing and performing music for the pure love of it.

Formed by members of some of Denver’s most respected bands, Pale Sun, comprised of Jeff Suthers (formerly of Bright Channel, Orbiteer and Moonspeed) on guitar/vocals, Kit Peltzel (formerly of Space Team Electra, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake and Mr. Pacman) on drums, and John Rasmussen (of Andy Monley & the High Horses, Jocko Homo) on bass, released a magnificent 2016‘s album “Darkmoonwhiteout” via Flight Approved Records

In “Tides”, recorded live at Flight Approved Studio on April 2018, delicacy, energy and refinement are mixed together at a slow pace, between melancholy and introspection, in a flowing sensorial haze of boundless and psychedelic sounds charged with feedback, echoes and distortions, underpinned by wistful vocals and sheer precise rhythm section, that organically captured all the urgency, immediacy and fluency of a live session, arousing multiple colors and emotions over a gloomy cold sky.

The band will open for mighty The Brian Jonestown Massacre on Thursday, May 17th at Englewood, CO Gothic Theatre, don’t miss out if you’re around.

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