WL//WH Track Of The Day: PAAR “Rework”

Track Of The Day PAAR

Following last year EP ‘Hone’, German post-punk darlings based out of Munich, PAAR, comprised of Ly Nguyen on vocals, Rico Sperl on bass & synths, and Matthias Zimmermann on guitar, have unveiled the first preview from the forthcoming debut album ‘Die Notwendigkeit der Notwendigkeit’, due out, 12″ Vinyl & Digital, on March 20, 2020 via Berlin’s Grzegorzki Records.

Even though seems to explore a slightly more “pop” path, “Rework” is on the style of the trio’s classic 80’s-tinged post-punk we are accustomed to, uniquely dark, vibrant and emotionally driven at the same time, based upon the seamlessly intercourse of harmony and dissonance between the edgy yet refined instrumentation and the magnetic and haunting Ly’s vocalizations.

Fatalistic lyrics sadly depict struggling through the motions of a life lost to gloom.

Pierced by obsessively reverberating and menacing synth riffs, unremitting punchy snares whip ruthlessly forth whilst pounding dizzy, glistening synth washes, injecting a subtle lush, warm undercurrent shrouded in a striking cresting wave of numb emptiness and despair built by the sharp interplay amid ominously deep pulsing bleak bassline and mournfully solemn, guitar melodies that shimmer and soar fueling stoic, detached vocals burdened with fear and sadness, inexorably lost in a sea of hopeless desolation.
A worth introduction to the band’s debut LP.

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