WL//WH Track Of The Day: OVERDRIVER “Stuck in a Dream”

Track Of The Day Overdriver

Sydney-based supersonic fuzz-charged duo Overdriver, comprised of Steve Hartley (guitar/ vocals) & Darren Barnes (bass/ programming), is one of the latest to join the exciting bunch of Australian shoegaze bands able to inject a burst of sheer energy to a genre sometimes tired.

Taken from the pair’s brand new sophomore self-released 2-track EP “Slow in Winter”, “Stuck in a Dream”, featuring the guest vocals of Daniela Angione of Dublin-based Irish 2-piece Submotile, is an utterly sublime slice of woozy dreamy shoegaze tinged with hazily shimmering dream-pop flair.

“Stuck in a Dream” meanders gently over mesmerizing soothing reverb-drenched washed-out haze of spacey layered guitar tones intensified by swooning female whispers, punctuated by sparse smooth drum patterns and deep swelling bass frequencies, that drift seamlessly around dazed, sensual vocalizations, seductress and seduced, wrapped in a comforting aura of intense passion and unmet tempting desire, which permeates the senses with shivering wistful ripples of restrained sparkling reverberation.

Hypnotic, subtly restless, equally sultry and ethereal, “Stuck in a Dream” is somehow both dazzlingly distinctive and thoroughly familiar… does it really matter after all if you’re stuck in such a daydream?

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