WL//WH Track Of The Day : OSTAVKA “Transparent”

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After a 7″ single and last year self-titled debut album, 4-peace from Brittany, Ostavka are announced a 3-track EP “Conclusions” via Subversive Ways, filled with their vital and energetic brand of gloomy post-punk interspersed with anarcho-punk attitude and dark vibes.

“Transparent” is driven by outstandingly propulsive melodic bass lines flanked by steady drums, the swirling and sharp guitar leads and tense riffs interwining with the outstanding, strained, commanding vocals with hints of misery and despair for a woman who tries to get out from the trap of an abusive relationship.

A visceral yet disturbing lyrics coupled with cold sounds of stark intensity and searing melodies, that make you thrilled to the core.

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