WL//WH Track Of The Day : ORTROTASCE “Braddock”

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The lonstanding project of Nic Hamersly based out of Portland, Ortrotasce keeps on delivering obscure, minimal, both analog and digital, synthetic gems, raw, visceral, utterly compelling, exploring and experimenting different sides of the dark electronic spectrum from EBM, minimal synth, coldwave, proto-techno, all fueled by a DIY punk energy and attitude.

“Braddock” deals with love, loss, and longing. A brooding atmospheric hazy electro number built on mesmerizing crystalline arpeggios, melodic icy synth swells, and driving syncopated beats. Evoking feelings of the introspective, uncomfortable tones of disillusionment and loneliness, convey by the ghostly detatched vocals sorrowfully crying out, ‘Is this love?”

All love eventually wears thin and loses passion, a sad dance for the “wounded hearts”.

Ortrotasce is going to release in 2019 a new double vinyl album, limited 500 copies, titled “Romance & War” via New Orleans’ Disko Obscura Imprint.


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