WL//WH Track Of The Day: ORGREAVE “Disassembly”

Track Of The Day Orgreave  

’80ies Hauntology’ infested 4-piece from Vienna, Orgreave, pursue a dark synth-pop aesthetic, with moody post-punk leanings, coated in mysteriously oppressive devilish tones and fiendish lyrics, harnessing echoes of the past mechanically liltingly over an ominous prospect of humming foreboding vibes, sullen glaring synthetic textures, and wicked deep vocalizations to instigate modern dystopian gloom.

The first preview and title track from the forthcoming debut EP, “Disassembly” is scattered by steady punchy rhythms that pulse along droning bass line’s unceasingly disturbing bounce, tormented by eerie glowing synth-stoked chords flashing and then flowing in helpless glacial fatalistic expanses over dire, wicked male vocals’ cold detached deliverance of dangerous omens into the churning hellish doom.

Orgreave‘s 5-track debut “Disassembly” EP is due to be released on February 5, 2021 via Electric Fire Records

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