WL//WH Track Of The Day: OND CIRKEL “Inget oss”

Track Of The Day OND CIRKEL

After a debut EP and a 2-tracker 7″ between 2017 and 2018, the Swedish Post-punk four-piece Ond Cirkel based in Gothenburg, return in the new year, in addition to a new singer, Sanna Lodin, to complete the original lineup made of guitarist Marcus Lilja, bassist Isabell Kirstinä and drummer Zacharias Tienhaara, with two singles in a row, the latest of which is titled “Inget oss”.

The band adds a rejuvenated swirling sense of urgency and fresh spin to their primary dark, chilly and atmospheric combination of Post-punk and Shoegaze cloaked in reverb, set in a hot-headed breath of restless simmering passion.

Remorseful lyrics stew in introspective anger of regret and heartache to realize “there is nothing for you here.”

“Inget oss” is jolted by a churning murky foundation of boisterous tribal drumming and a menacing rattling fractious bassline, relentlessly pierced by persistent bleeding layers of aching chiming guitar melodies that hang and echo in the air like wiry tendrils of sparkling despair around strong heartfelt steadfast vocals, rising in an agony of angsty pain-filled tension, to relax sadly into an emotional outflow of closure.

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