WL//WH Track Of The Day: OLIVER DECROW “Hidden Darkness”

Track Of The Day   OLIVER DECROW

Hiding behind the black and white photographs of a young Alain Delon, longtime German ‘producteur de musique’ Oliver Decrow started making music in the early 2000s, briefly wandering through New York and Montreal, to back to Germany and collaborating with underground producers such as 77TM, Aga Wilk, and, most influential on him, Sneaker DJ aka Dunkeltier, releasing also a track featured on my personal favourite Cosmo Vitelli’s label I’m a Cliché.

Now in its sixth single, “Hidden Darkness”, through his own label G50 Records, the Dresden denizen explores 80s flavoured atmospheric dark and cold bass-driven, analog electro-wave territories cast in grim industrial starkness with a refreshingly contemporary twist.

The poetic lyrics confess shame, obsession, and fear at the hands of a “Hidden Darkness” within.

Ominously droning and undulating bassline interlaces with steady lashing snares, strewn by slamming echoing claps and crisp clicking percussive snaps, to build and swell relentless uncanny anticipation investigating concealed darkness, topped with dramatic desolate flows of chilly glistening synth chords, to oppress jaded, disoriented vocals replete with angsty, breathy dread, lost into a cold dim pool of sinister visions.

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