WL//WH Track Of The Day: OLIVER BEARDMORE “The Smiles Don’t Reach Their Eyes”


Writing and performing since late 2013, the young Birmingham-bred singer-songwriter Oliver Beardmore, while mining his inspiration from British Indie and early 90s Shoegaze, through The Smiths-style introverted guitar pop, and the gloomy post-punk desolation of The Cure, has never ceased to seek and acquire a quite distinctive sound synthesis, never settling on the aforementioned leanings but showing song after song an imaginative knack to add diverse colors and hues to his sonic palette, where noisy walls of sound, urgent guitar outbursts and poignant crescendos seamlessly harmonize and juxtapose with introspective and dreamlike atmospheres in a swirling rollercoaster of vibrant emotional ups and downs.

Clear evidence is the latest single, “The Smiles Don’t Reach Their Eyes”, which, channeling Radiohead-tinged moodiness, concocts throbbing and resonant emotive atmospheric vibes, headily carved by a crisp, sharp and intricate guitar work of unadulterated clarity and fluidity, meandering in lush layers of sparkling stacked arpeggios and soaring Grunge-dusted, crunching riffs, to effortlessly interplay with murky pulsing bass lines and hypnotic drum beats, building at times ecstatic, at times scuzzy harmonies, that echo and corroborate a feeling of anguish, as it creeps in the deep, flowing searing rush of final cathartic release along with sinuous restless vocals, shifting between deep emotional despair and angsty disenchanted dread, to realize the deception lying in plain sight as “The Smiles Don’t Reach Their Eyes.”

The last few songs showcase the Brummie artist’s growth and development both in songwriting and musicianship, calling to reaffirm his talent in the future in a steady mode, yet already able to electrify.

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