WL//WH Track Of The Day: OLD MOON “Past Lives”

Track Of The Day Old Moon

Old Moon is a quite elusive one-man band, who delivers ‘jangly post-punk anthems’ from rural New Hampshire.

Blending the ecstatic and the barbed, wistful shimmering jangle and slightly abrasive shoegaze, overshadowed by uneasy post-punk gloom, the new sophomore 4-tracker EP, titled “Past Lives”, is an immersive, emotional and truly enticing collection of sharp, yet catchy, moody sombre pop tunes, peppered with evocative darkly soul searching lyrics and a distinctive knack for hazy, haunting melody.

The title-track, with “Tyranny”, the most post-punk infused of the lot, while recalling a bit of early REM in the refrain with its raw melancholy, unfolds eerie gleaming guitar melodies, propelled by steady, punchy rhythms, undermined by shards of abrasive yet subdued distortion, that sparkle and reverberate, stop, start up again, over relentless smoldering and ominously rumbling bassline, embraced by sparse tragic icy washes of synth, to exude a profound growing sense of yearning and loss, encapsulated by sad distant male vocal echoes, fading and longing into a sullen nostalgic regret amid the menace of mournful, bursting instrumentation.

An inner struggle with, “Past Lives” leaves a man feeling empty and incomplete, as he yearns for more depth of love and character.

Old Moon‘s “Past Lives” EP is out today, June 19, on lavender Cassette & Digital, with all proceeds to @naacp and @nationalbailout

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