WL//WH Track Of The Day: OLD CAT’S DRAMA “Prymara”

Track Of The Day  Old Cat’s Drama

Cult Kyiv, Ukraine-based Deathrockers since 2011, Old Cat’s Drama are back from the dungeon cave with the new single “Prymara” (Ghost), the first in their language, written at the start of the warfare, a spooky and frantic slice of classic old-school Goth-injected Post-punk sound ala Christian Death and 13 Chimes. 

The doom-laden wickedness of being torn between wanting to leave and deciding to stay injects ominous keyed ceremonial glows, sinister effects, dire burning and jagged guitar riffing, angsty meandering bass pulses, and hard-hitting, skipping drum machines with dire rising tensions, whilst restless, dramatic vocals teeter on the edge of sanity into ruthless swaying momentums of emptiness and pain. 

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