WL//WH Track Of The Day: OCCLUDE “The Cold Of Your Touch”

Track Of The Day OCCLUDE

Although the two social profiles have not been updated for some time, sparse new releases pop up from time to time covered in an intriguing mystery and, above all, excellent heartfelt stripped-down ’80s-bent dark music spanning from Coldwave, Darkwave, Synthpop to Minimal Synth, and Post-punk.

‘Not quite a label, not quite a collective’, German DIY unit appartement 3, based in Cologne, ‘serves as a digital platform for releasing dark, pulsating music by different projects.’

The latest single by the mysterious act Occlude unveils an atmospheric, hypnotic and minimalist Cold Wave sound that sprawls across an introspective and melodic synth-laden elegy, burdened, but somehow ‘beautifully blessed’, with aching melancholy and veins of bleary romanticism, that reminds me of absolutely seductive obscure Belgian wave outfits such as A Blaze Colour or Twilight Ritual.

“The Cold Of Your Touch” is, also delivered in an equally immersive and effective instrumental version, unfolds a slow, brooding pace led by stark and dry metronomic beats along with warm organic pinpoint bass pulses, as to underscore both the emotive heft and intimate depth sneaking through a rustling frozen ambiance, awash in blurry lonesome synth textures, relentlessly pulsing and swelling, steeped in somber contemplation, over haunted distorted vocals, decaying specter-like into the chilling airy sense of a cold touch.

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