WL//WH Track Of The Day: NXVRVE “Bodies”

Track Of The Day NXVRVE 

A young doomer based in Berlin, under the Nxvrve alias, in a little over a month, through a string of 6 songs, still immature, albeit hinting at good potential, has been triggered to explore the dark Post-punk aesthetics from the 80s, with a particular predilection for The Cure, by which exorcise, wrapped in an introspective spooky haze of organic and synthetic sounds, vibrant in unison with his shapeshifting emotional forlorn voice, an inner alienating ghostly world of juvenile restlessness and affliction.

The latest single, “Bodies”, builds an eerie humming intertwining of steady rattling snares, interspersed with crispy rolling percussions, and dull, tight and menacing bass insinuates throbbing hypnotic and nocturnal gloomy vibes, smeared by swelling broody and melancholic guitar lines to resonate and oscillate around dire, dramatic, desperate vocals, shifting from dry husky baritone omens, inflamed anxious cries to ultimately distorted gravelly growls, to seize the listener in a tormented scenery of blood and death whilst tragic lyrics reveal “nobody gets out alive.”

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