WL//WH Track Of The Day : NURSE OF WAR “Σιδηρά Παρθένα / Iron Virgin”

Track Of The Day

I don’t know if it’s a reaction against the neo-liberal/fascist-like economic repression pursued by the wicked European Union, but in Greece at the moment is a continuous and fervent flourishing of new independent underground music of every genre.

I’ve recently listened to many Greek bands with a post-punk and beyond sound in all its nouances, sometime with a strong political sensibility, always with a fiery punk attitude, mixing garage, punk and psychedelia even electro, others with a danceable synth-driven anthemic punk numbers, Athens’ Nomos 751 and Thessaloniki’s Ρεύμα 102 namely, and today thanks to my usual Greek leek, a 3-piece hailing from the capital called Nurse Of War.

“Iron Virgin”, if we don’t take into account a cover of the local legendary act Komodina 3, is the trio second single, a fresh and addictive tense slab of keybords laden punk rooted in 60’s garage and 77’s punk with hints of Devo-like new wave, made of powerful beats, striking guitars and irresistible male/female vocals, singing in their native language, all spiced up with simple yet incisive melodies and brooding lyrics, in a highly irresistible and danceable ‘disco punx’ blast.

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