WL//WH Track Of The Day : Nürnberg ‘Biessensoŭnasć’

Track Of The Day

In the footsteps of their fellow Minsk band Molchat Doma, Belarus two-piece Nürnberg accomplish the goal of their debut album titled “Skryvaj”, after a promising 5-track EP “U nikudy” at the start of the year that brought the duo to the attention of the post-punk afecionados. 

Eight track interspersed with sombre and moody atmospheric yet energetic 80’s British influenced cold post-punk / new wave sound crawling with melancholy, gloom and desolation awash with shimmering reverb and bittersweet melodies. Highly recommended!

The intense and dramatic “Biessensoŭnasć” deals with themes of conflict, insignificance, and depression. Kick and clapping drum beats and a huge bouncing melodic basslines set the impending sense of despair, annihilation and helplessness, while searing wistful guitar leads ebb and flow, chasing and dancing with forlorn emotional vocals in a dark spiralling embrace of inexorable death.

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