WL//WH Track Of The Day: NUBLO ROBOTEN y ZARA “Dulces y Violentos”

Track Of The Day   Nublo Roboten y Zara

Located in Antigua, Guatemala, Nublo Roboten is a solo electronic music project fond of analog synthesizers, mainly the affordable AE Modular synthesizer system, and builder of beat-driven danceable raw, mechanical and obscure atmospheres, drawing its reference markers somewhere between the early 2000s ‘Minimal Wave” revival of Brooklyn’s Wierd Records, and the 80s French Coldwave with a contemporary retro-futuristic Latino flair.

The Central American synthesist has dropped a new 2-track single in collaboration with fellow artist Zara on vocal duty, also the author of the cover artwork as well.

 The opening “Dulces y Violentos” delivers monochromatic coolly minimal synth seduction, scarred in subtly creeping tension in an agonising juxtaposition of both ‘sweet and violent’ feelings.

Confessional lyrics, written by Zara with few lines by NR, dwell in a land of troubled memories where mixed emotions stir conflict, shame, and trauma into a present reality of discomfort and dread.

Feverish urgent beats and smoothly crisp kicks roll, drag and race, tormented by unevenly throbbing droning low ends sprinkling brooding, murky shadows, swathed by meandering lonesome glaring synth swells, achingly swirling in shadow-toned gleam lit auras, to echo mercurial angst of dual male/female vocal, layering fearful angsty breaths with secretly haunted whispers to spin urgently into an aching maze of intoxicating pain.

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