WL//WH Track Of The Day: Nouvelle Phénomène “Not a sin”

Track Of The Day Nouvelle Phénomène

Past the glorious times of MySpace, rightly or wrongly, I have never been a regular visitor to social media, preferring to hang out over my faithful blog-aggregator or Soundcloud, even if pop-up ads of the latter are so unbearable lately, so for me, the release of the new single from Nouvelle Phénomène, has been like was a bolt from the blue, the most pleasant though.

The fascinating Hungarian band based in Budapest, lead by synthesist and composer Zsolt Dziba, through their debut album “Glory Of Romance”, released via Russian label Other Voices Records in 2014, brought their passion and yearning for the 80’s synth-laden neo-romantic sound, with a special fondness for Visage, into the 21st century with a melancholic and noir-ish blend of synthpop and new wave, nuanced by sensual French charm.

That sheer little jewel of timeless aural elegance and style went straight to the heart of many synth aficionados and kept resonating seamlessly, like a best-kept secret, during the band’s 6 and half years of hiatus, so much that it might have presented a daunting task to return with the same effectiveness and intensity.

Magically Nouvelle Phénomène, like time has not passed, with just the pleasant news of Zsolt on vocal duty shared with lyricist Susie Szabo, let their alluring synths unleash deep lush layers of icily glowing yet dusky uneasiness that pierce deeply through ominously faltering, pulsing basslines and minimalistic crisp drum machines, mirroring and heightening, with anticipation and release, the anxiety and bewilderment that encompass dual vocals alternate dire distress and disconnection, switching between female/male, French/English, and mad/sad, delivering an emotionally impassioned expression of love and betrayal.
You can’t help but only fall further in love with Nouvelle Phénomène, again like it was the first time, in perfect 80s romance.

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