WL//WH Track Of The Day : NON-LIEU ‘Les Fantômes du Passé’

Track Of The Day

Non-Lieu is the new DIY project of Thomas Denux-Parent, singer / guitarist of Canadian coldwave / post-punk trio based in Montreal, Palissade who released, at the start of last summer, a brilliant EP titled ‘Éclats’ . 

He has just dropped his intriguing debut EP titled ‘Les Fantômes du Passé’, four guitar-less tracks built out of analogue electronic synth sounds and minimal arrangements.

The titled track, propelled by robotic beats and icy, affecting and hypnotic synth lines, underpinned by throbbing bass and an emotionally detached narrating voice, fades with nosey children’s voices, touchingly embodying a deep streak of sadness, poignancy and gloom. 

Powerful, melodic and evocative cold minimal analogue synth at its peak, not to be missed.

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