WL//WH Track Of The Day: NOJ “No Room Cut to Fit”

Track Of The Day  NOJ  

Berlin-based neo-nihilist noiseniks unveil the first preview, titled “No Room Cut to Fit”, from the upcoming debut album, “Waxing Moon”, co-released by Static Age Musik (Vinyl) and Mangel Records (Tape), scheduled for November 17th, 2023.

The four-piece, affiliated with Berlin‘s Allee Der Kosmonauten collective, a production unit that has soberly proved itself in the last 5/6 years through bands such as Liiek, Pigeon, and Aus, to name a few, with a minimal, cold, and angular common sound quality, although varying from Post-punk, Coldwave, Minimal Synth, Industrial and all around, “takes the listener on a tense trip, pulsating through 9 chunky tweaked out tracks of industrial post-punk whose combo of punishing percussion, antagonistic basslines, broken glass guitar and cool, bloodless vocals conjure visions of a cyberpunk version of The Birthday Party with Trent Reznor on synth, produced by a young Rob Zombie” according to the press.

Noj combines the aching moody spasms of Post-punk with the anguished clanking throbbings of Industrial rhythms in a loud, fractious and uneasy sound, without ever losing a sense of a slanted melodicism in its overarching dissonance.

“No Room Cut to Fit” is a shared experience where one person is aware of what is going on and the other is not.

The track rolls, rumbles and clatters through tight thumping percussions, obsessive rattling resonant sequence, and, somehow, ominously warm organic bass ripples, obsessively splintered and chopped out by dissonant, stark neurotic shards of barbed, caustic and drilling riffage, that undercuts ominous transfixing vocals, dropping terse anger and disgust, amid minimal drugged slurs, into a heavy urgent menace, simmering with mesmeric seismic intensity juddering underneath.

NOJ‘s debut album, “Waxing Moon”, co-released by Static Age Musik (Vinyl) and Mangel Records (Tape), is due out on November 17th, 2023.