WL//WH Track Of The Day: NOCHE MISERIA “Something”

Track Of The Day  NOCHE MISERIA  

After a promising first album in 2021, titled “What The Moon Sees”, and an EP, taken from the same sessions, the following year, the elusive band ‘Not from Lincoln, Massachusetts‘, Noche Miseria returns with a new single “Something”, where the group seems to further refine its atmospheric brand of goth-tinged Post-punk ala The Chameleons, For Against, and Sad Lovers and Giants, strewed with New Wave, Tears For Fears of “Pale Shelter” are not so very far, laid on a vibrant foundation of solid rhythms, and pulsating bleak bass, while the effect-filled guitars weave ethereal, chilly spirals of sad melodies to light a shadowy spectral backdrop, with a passionate, never excessively emphatic, yet evocative deep vocal delivery in the foreground.

“Something”, lyric-wise, is about a lost soul who asks for help dealing with a merciless trauma because they don’t know how to mange the pain by themselves, except by dying.

Steady hypnotic drum beats lead a prominent meandering and brooding bassline, swathed in glistening intricate blankets of reverb-laden guitars, to carve wistful jangly arpeggios and echoing hopeless wailing trails of sorrow over haunted aching vocals wavering between numb weak fear and angry desperate alienation, stabbed lastly, by dramatic keyboard flashes.

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