WL//WH Track Of The Day: NO STATUES “Time Has Passed”

WL//WH Track Of The Day  NO STATUES  

Aussie three-piece band from Naarm/Melbourne, No Statues, made their debut in April 2020 with a promising self-titled EP, filled with a both propelling and immersive blurry dichotomy at the intersection between moody Post-punk edginess and introspective synth-laden New Wave atmospherics, reminiscent of MKII Blitz and early The Sound.

The trio is surprisingly back with the low-key release of the nostalgic Wave single “Time Has Passed”, to announce the forthcoming second EP, “Caught in a Web”, due on September 8 via fellow independent label Honeyglider Records.

Bittersweet lyrics reminisce about young love through a mature lens of understanding.

“Time Has Passed” unfurls on a dynamic and vibrant rhythmic foundation of skipping drum beats and subtly weeping somber low-end melodies, cut across by droning distorted guitar drifts, while unrelenting billowing spirals of glowing synths obsessively swell with flickering melancholic intensity in unison with a warm heartfelt baritone, aching and longing in forlorn memories.

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