WL//WH Track Of The Day: NO ROMANCE “Unfold”

Track Of The Day  No Romance

Berlin-based post-punk band No Romance, comprised of UK born Lucy Holliday (Vocals and Synth) and New Zealanders musicians Isaac Hickey (Drums) and Joel Ivan Thomas (Bass and Guitar), give us a glimpse from their upcoming debut EP, slated for release on August 20th, with the energetic synth-laden title track “Unfold”.

Emerging after the long period of lockdown where the trio increasingly refined their blend of synthetic and organic sound drawing heavily on elements of 80’s new wave, post-punk, and disco with a sprinkle of 90s shoegaze. Glittering enveloping keyboard swirls ala Simple Minds along with bleak throbbing low ends are enhanced by alluring powerful vocalizations somehow recalling of Sinead O’Connor and driving punchy beats primed for the dancefloor.

Psychological lyrics “Unfold” during an intimate hesitation at the fear of abandonment and disconnection.

Layers of ominous baritone chords draped in wailing reverb, mesmeric dragging dancing rhythms, a relentless old-school resonant bubbling bassline and a lavish emotional swarm of glaring synth melancholia overflowing atop of anxious breathless female vocals release tremoring doubts into the reckless urgency of passion.

A sparkling vibrant slice of synth-driven pop, dangerously infectious.

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