WL//WH Track Of The Day: NO CURSE “Paths​”

Track Of The Day  NO CURSE

Part of the promising, albeit short-lived, four-piece New Jersey-based Post-punk band Primitive Lips around 2018, which we talked about in the early days of the blog, one of its members gets back on track with his 2023 established solo endeavour under the moniker of No Curse, to embody “a mesmerizing synthesis of post-punk, new wave, and synth-pop, draped in the romantic shadows of gothic allure”.

The first single, “Paths​”, lyrically is about an introspective person who gets tired of waiting for another to make a move, while draws mainly on the 80’s New Wave and Post-Punk with a modern spin, from early New Order to the 00s noirish nuances of The National, through a hypnotizing guitar-laden crepuscular blur of lights and shadows as an intense backdrop for seep forlorn vocalizations.

Lead by endless off-tempo drum beats, soft melancholic vocals layer baritone angst with numb dreaminess, swaying hopelessly alongside ringing blankets of wistful riffs laced with a slightly abrasive pain-filled edge and spectral synth overlays, to long for a lost devotion into a persistent spiralling of contemplative desolation.

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