WL//WH Track Of The Day: NO “Cancel”

A newcomer from the fertile and lively underground DIY musical and artistic scene of Québec’s capital Montreal, the solo dark synth project laconically called NO has deftly refined over the last year an intriguing minimal synth-laden darkwave sound, blended with elements of coldwave and synthwave, enriched with imaginative and persuasive rhythmic arrangements and distinctive melodic sensibility, always able to build immersive, depressed and emotionally unsettled noir atmospheres, steeped in heartfelt emotive tension and brooding melancholy.

The Ballardian cover of the new single “Cancel” is a metaphor for a love/hate relationship that arises in a couple after many years together depicted by the lyrics.

Persistent quick-skipping drum beats, interspersed by terse double claps, heightened by ominous buzzing swells, sputtering with repetitious pace draws painful and melancholy shadows dense with gloom over detached, angst-ridden vocals, while frozen piercing wavering synth lines, backed by tighter rhythms, soar in mournful and dramatic intensity penetrating deeply into a depressed and disillusioned heartland.

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