WL//WH Track Of The Day: NNHMN “Soldier of Beauty”

Track Of The Day  NNHMN

Since their inception around 2017, LeeMichal, the two dynamic and visionary souls based in Berlin under the NNHMN moniker, seemingly contrasting characters, yet intimately and emotively complementary from an artistic perspective, have magically weaved, in full DIY mode, the strings of a varied and multi-faceted dark and dancing electronic sound, always on the move, mining for the most disparate sonic elements to broaden their palette, without ever settling for the inflated and predictable Darkwave formula, whilst constantly managing to increase the number of their devotees.

Dubbed as “an opener of the new spectrum of sounds we have been producing recently”, “Soldier of Beauty”, the third single from the upcoming album, “Circle of Doom”, a title that “mirrors the state of the world we are living in”, slated for release on May 25, 2023, adds both chilly and warm, atmospheric Electro and Trance nuances to form iridescent constellations that sparkle and glitter like diamonds. 

Hypnotic crispy snares and shuffling hi-hats drive slinky, rubbery, dizzy bass line pulses relentlessly tingling the spine, interspersed with edging surreal synth glares and dazzling trancey-arpeggios, to transfix in and out of the secretive darkness, whilst high crushed angsty cries bewitch with piercing frequencies of pain and alienation before shifting into a dramatic rippling spoken word interlude, then back to siren-esque mystique and beauty, quivering and throbbing into a tragic battle of mind and soul.

NNHMN‘s upcoming 8-track studio album, “Circle of Doom”, scheduled for release on May 25, 2023, is on pre-sale right now in classic Black and very limited signed Orange Vinyl 12″.

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