WL//WH Track Of The Day: NNHMN “Lovelorn”

Track Of The Day NNHMN

Berlin-based darkwave duo NNHMN have unveiled the third song, “Lovelorn”, taken from the upcoming 4-track EP, “For The Comfort Of Your Exstazy”, due out on May 25, 2022, via K-Dreams & Young & Cold Records.

Since 2017, LeeMichal Laudarg meticulously craft an ever-evolving minimal, and dark electronic sound rooted in Darkwave, Post-Punk and Synth-pop, pushing their all-around distinctive creativity consistently further, cruising boundless, unexplored sonic domains with a profound emotional weight and a sleek alluring dark aesthetic, by adding ceaselessly, as in “Lovelorn”, techno and trance, or Disco, as with the Moroder-esque baseline from the previous single “Omen”, Electro, Industrial and Ambient sonic elements.

Dark shadowy desires drive delusion and fear through a cold dangerous aura roused by relentless hypnotic snare beats along with haunting icy arpeggiated chords, oscillating acid-flecked buzzing loops, girded by glowing spacey sweeping synth flows, to pervade a chilly, seductive and enigmatic vibe, layered over a relentless swung and murmuring rubbery bassline, pulsing unremittingly like a heartbeat in symbiosis with velvety surreal vocals, casting sensual breaths of aching bliss into a tantalizing black sea of “lovelorn” fantasy.

A dark sleek seduction.

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