WL//WH Track Of The Day: NIGHT HAZE “Flesh & Lies”

Track Of The Day Night Haze

Greek duo Night Haze, made of PlasticineK and Stathis Alex, has just dropped a compelling and highly danceable rush of dark electro bordering on darkwave with post-punk leanings, equally as menacing as captivating, like they used to deliver.

Bouncing hypnotic, menacing bassline striving for unrelenting density, thrusts ahead together with sharp, whipping beats, interspersed by glassy tinny and eerie percussive synth clacks, as icy, bitingly sensual, defiant female vocals, heightened by a surge of unruly intensity from luscious gusts of synths, fidgeting, slinky bass pulsations and sparse abrasive guitar laments, taunt, tempt, and tease with a cutting edge of alluring darkness.

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