WL//WH Track Of The Day: NEW AGE HEALERS “Setting Sun”

Track Of The Day   NEW AGE HEALERS

Born around the mid-2010, as the brainchild of vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Owen Murphy, Seattle, Wa-based shoegaze / psych-rock band New Age Healers have dropped the political-meets-pulp-fiction-inspired “Setting Sun,” the third single from their forthcoming fourth album “Demolition Stories”, scheduled to be released in August.

The 5-piece, including as well guitarist Jeramy Koepping (Voyager One, Grand Hallway), drummer Adam LeVasseur (Feed), bassist Allen Murray (Modern Athletics), and keyboardist Farkhad Saidmuratov (Kotlovan), plus the additional vocals from Liz Green (An American Starlet), after having explored murky, droning and bluesy sonic territories with the previous “Scars”, this time deliver a fresh modern spin on 60s-tinged psychedelic rock, sprinkled with reverb, flying high towards dizzying unknown cosmic skies, amidst crunchy lysergic guitar strains, tantalising snaky bass lines, quavering dazing keyboards and winding groovy rhythmic patterns ala Stone Roses.

Elmore Leonard‘s narrative writing style lyrics draw also from the political insanity of the past six years to form a short poetic dialogue evoking feelings of fear, uncertainty, and chaos.

Melding bygone obscure British psych vibes with early Tame Impala and The Holydrug Couple twinkling sun blinded bent, “Setting Sun” unleashes stumbling and swaying drum beats, upwardly sinuous palpitating bassline, distorted fuzzed-out guitar riffs laced with twinkling resonant flourishes and rambling glowing keyboard flashes, to create a pulsating, sparkling and swirling melodious cacophony around deceivingly elated, numb vocals, spinning angsty and breathless through a hopeless out-of-control space-out reverie.

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Photo: Carlos Cruz