WL//WH Track Of The Day: NEVROSA “Nothing”

Track Of The Day NEVROSA

Formed in 2005, Swedish 3-piece Nevrosa, made up of Patrik Axelsson (Synthesizers, programming, vocals), Emma Friman Browne (Synthesizers) and Peter Andersson (Synthesizers), is the typical case of a band, driven by an incroyable passion for music, able to last over the years and be stronger for the ups and downs, changes of formation, financial struggles, and ordinary events of life; just a couple of demo EP’s, the last in 2016, and comparisons with compatriots Agent Side Grinder.

Despite the difficulties of the recent pandemic period, Nevrosa are back with a new track “Nothing”, featuring the guest backing vocals of electro-pop artist Rebecca Asker, with the aim of making finally another self-released demo by the end of the year.

While following the band’s synth-laden path that toes the line between synthpop and post-punk, “Nothing” shows a more grainy, full-bodied and poignant sound with industrial undertones, still relentlessly focusing on building dark brooding melodies and high emotional intensity, reflected in the harrowing lyrics regarding helplessness over a troubled loved one.

Menacing bassline pulses, rumbles and buzzes along with steady, lashing rhythmic patterns, saturated by droning noisy distortion, ominous echoes, and high-pitched ritualistic female chants, whilst frigid glowing and sweeping synths swirl and wail around deeply emotional male vocals, in a release of hopeless, sad frustrations into the bleak echo of pain.

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