WL//WH Track Of The Day : NEPTUNE FOOTBALL CLUB “Raindrops”

Track Of The Day

After the demise of the mighty Beko Disques, one the best reference point for the finest pop, our search efforts must be increased but, with a bit of luck and the help of some little enlightened blogs, we have paid off.

From the few infos I could find, Neptune Football Club is a French one man project with his upcoming debut LP “Late Night Confusion” to be released on March 27th, via Saint Etienne based DIY label ABrecords.

“Raindrops” is a mind-blowing trip inspired by the lushest and most lysergic corners of ’60s psychedelia, space pop, and a swing of freakbeat to paint pristine, melancholic and highly melodic to paint aural landscapes, that dazzles with shimmering guitars, atmospheric keys along with a Barrett-esque vocals, showing a rare mastery in beautifully balancing his influences with enough originality to blow your socks off.

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