WL//WH Track Of The Day: NEOLIN “Nada”

Track Of The Day  NEOLIN

Originating from the Anahuaca culture of ancient Mexico, Neolin, the Experimental /Post-punk /Dark Wave trio of spiritual revivalists, formerly known as Beztia, made up of David Axayacatl (Bass guitar), Neil Rodriguez (Battery), and Telpoxtli Ren (Vox, Keys, Aerophones), return with the sweeping poignant new single “Nada”.

Deeply introspective lyrics suffer in a toxic deceptive realm of ever-changing truths and realities, to become detached and hopeless with “Nothing I can hold on to”.

Drenched in dark rousing apocalyptic moods, “Nada” is propelled by tumultuous, thumping drumming that nosedives at breakneck speed, punctuated by moody and resonant restless bass throbs, along bleeding and shivering overflowing eddies of screeching guitar wails, overlaid with haunting ancestral echoes and crashing cymbals, to swarm agonized, pleading vocal screams, dropping unrelenting pain and anger into a destructive whirlwind of chaos, nihilism, and doom.

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