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Formed just last year, but featuring already well known active players within Rotterdam underground music scene, Dutch 4-piece Neighbours Burning Neighbours, comprised of Alicia Breton Ferrer (from the Sweet Release of Death) on guitar and vocals, Aram Scheeve (from AC Berkheimer) on drums and Daanie van den IJssel and Bart Kalkman (both ex-Cusack) on guitar/vocals and bass guitar respectively, have finally released, after two live videos, their proper debut single “Grace” taken from the upcoming double illustrated 7″ vinyl “Softly / Grace” through Subroutine Records.

The quartet creates vigorous, propulsive, energetic noisy post-punk stylistically straddling the lines between no-wave, krautrock, and noise-rock with a subtle pop quality.

“Grace” is distinguished by a fresh captivating twist on a vocal duet with the impassioned voices of Alicia and Daanie alternating each word to form the thoughts of one troubled girl in a bratty caustic rant against mainstream society, albeit underneath lingers a cry for help.

It ignites with terse, sharp 6-string riffs, propelled by sinuous thick bass pulsations and busy drums, that judder around, lashing out jittery, obsessively piercing guitar lines and abrasive shards of jarring distortion, interspersed by sparkling melodic interludes of anticipation, to undercut dueling angry, sarcastic dual female vocals throwing themself in a battle between words with a gritty edge, building an uneasy, and turbulent air, charged with raw and striking, yet restrained energy suffused with misunderstood boredom and alienation.
In just over 3 minutes, Neighbours Burning Neighbours crackle with an infectious freshness and heartfelt anger through an impressive intricate guitar work, in a perfect balance between melody and dissonance, and invigorating, emotionally intense vocals hard to resist.

Check out the Lyric Video above created by Bart Kalkman.

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Photo by Ysbrand Broom