WL//WH Track Of The Day: N.E. Hertzberg “Flowers in the Basement”

Track Of The Day N.E. Hertzberg

N.E. Hertzberg is a prolific experimental electronic noise musician and artist based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in the suburbs of Philadelphia, rooted in the DIY punk scene, with over 12 solo releases in the last 5 years for several independent record labels as Analog Cowboy Records, Baklava Records, Kat Kat Records, Deplorable Sounds and his co-owned Wet Cassettes

Following last year full-length album “There Are Stories Other Than Yours”, the brand new 2-track single “Flowers in the Basement”, whilst delves the same ambient, hypnotic, peculiar spoken word realms with nods to David Lynch’s Thought Gang project or the lo-fi artist Dirty Beaches, the introduction of a powerful combination of live and programmed drums adds a new unexpected ‘pop’ flair.

‘Written to try and put the stress I was facing about proposing to my fiancé into words. It describes how sometimes we must hide things away to see them bloom at an ideal time’, the immersive and emotionally-charged new ‘catchy’ single flows into shadowy, contemplative and introspective moods, utterly cinematic, rippled with, as intense as it is disturbing, shimmering ambience, between propulsive profound bass pulsations, mesmerising drumbeats, droning layers of treated guitar and relentlessly floating bleak, atmospheric synth swells permeating sour, crackling effected spoken-word poetry about life experiences and testimony expressed through self-deprecation, cynism, and sarcasm, in a visceral yet muddle stream of consciousness brimmed with boredom, anxiety, and attention-seeking.

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