WL//WH Track Of The Day : MYSTIC PRIESTESS “Where were you”

Track Of The Day

From the ever fresh and vibrant DIY anarcho post-punk scene based around the Bay Area, come the Oakland based radical darkwave / anarcho-punk queer 4-piece Mystic Priestess. After last December self/titled 5-track debut cassette on local label Transylvanian Tapes, here is the sophomore “No Tomorrow, Only Today” 4-track EP, soon on vinyl/12″, that will include also the first release, via En Tu Kara Records.

Unlike other Mystic Priestess tracks dealing with social issues, “Where were you” is about, loneliness, desperation, and loss. It’s also the most intimate and immersive one, driven by a beautifully relentlessly throbbing sombre  bassline that rumbles throughout. Backed by the powerful drumming and interspersed by fierce yet mournful guitars conveying brooding emotional depth steeped in abandonment, isolation and disappointment. The intense vocals grow gradually in spite and angst with the full and final realization that they can only rely on themself now and they are truly alone.
The band’s talent to write compelling and rousing songs, made of a gloomy and energic mix of darkwave, post-punk and death-rock, brilliantly executed with stark energy and sincerity, are still a breath of fresh air in the increasingly indoctrinated and standardized global world.

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