WL//WH Track Of The Day : MVGRE “Dejemos El Futuro Atrás”

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Another South American act, this time from the Argentinian capital of Buenos Aires, attracted to the darker side of music, is the darkwave / post-punk, I guess solo, project called MVGRE.

After last November promising 2-track demo, it’s just realised the proper debut 3-track EP titled “Punks De La Ola Oscura”.

The first track “Dejemos El Futuro Atrás”, propelled by thumping, absorbing drum-machine beats woven with bewitching effect laden gazey guitar leads and emotive vocals, combine the fierceness and gothic-ness of deathrock with the elegance and epic of darkwave, the fist black flower blossomed from an obvious talent that will soothe your dark soul.

The “Punks De La Ola Oscura”‘s walk on the darker side of music is only just begun, but already seems highly promising.

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