WL//WH Track Of The Day: MÜNCHHAUSEN “Here Again”

Track Of The Day Münchhausen

The elusive Colombian solo project by Bogotà-based Hänsel D Camacho, Münchhausen, blends, with natural ease, more than 2 decades of introspective, wistful and highly melodic indie underground music, spanning from 80s depressive gloominess to reverb-drenched 90s atmospherics along with 2000s dreamy New York jangliness and a sprinkle of contemporary Russian shady grayness, to deliver shimmering, dreamy synth-infused guitar pop jams with a post-punk edge.

“Here Again” kicks things off with jaunty rhythms to propel a glimmering hazy intricate web of reverb-tinged melancholy jangly guitar melodies wandering back and forth, awash by icy airy synth chords, to weave moving layers of sheer bittersweet emotive intensity, chiming and pulsing around dreamy, caressing male vocals long soft sadness into a shared heart of memories.

His heartfelt delicate, confidential soft voice, combined with the stirring, gently enveloping yet energetic instrumentation, exudes sheer sombre emotion and downbeat optimism, for an alluring and fragile tune, at its heart and soul, ripe with love, hope and loss.

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