WL//WH Track Of The Day: MÖRDELIN “Into The Sea”

Track Of The Day  Mördelin

Born in 2017, Manchester, UK-based audio visual project of Pascal Carton and Amy Williams, have just released their self-released debut 6-track EP “Preface”, replete with 80s-infused classic ‘dark and brooding’ synth-pop.

“Into The Sea” is lyrically a philosophical take on the failed status of the New World Order that has sunk our standing below sheeple distinction into the unexplored territory of an UserID.

Built around synth-driven sound rife with both disturbing intensity and cold dark elegance, hypnotic pounding drumbeats together with bouncing pumping basslines and ominous bright melodic arpeggios, built a stark desolate, disquieting mood, perfectly married to deliberately detached yet world-weary somber wails. Echoing ethereal female voice, soaring and penetrating dismal resonant chords and haunting keys inject further dense veneer of horror into mourning vocals brimming with loss, extinction, and despair.

The duo’s distinctive flair to flavored with noirish goth-tinged narrative their moody, melancholic and melodic, dance-inducing, synth-pop makes Mördelin‘s music utterly riveting and modern as the debut is proof as a whole.

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