WL//WH Track Of The Day: MORBID FLORIST “Lie”

Track Of The Day  Morbid Florist  

Alberta-based, Canadian solo project, Morbid Florist, returns with the new track “Lie”, after he made himself noticed a couple of years back with an intriguing and immersive debut EP, “Fragmentation”, filled with a lustrous, minimal and futuristic ‘odd’ synth wave sound.

The crystalline shimmering darkness of “Lie” gets more claustrophobic and less enveloping, an urgent swirling alarming bassline rumbles obsessively, scattered by pounding syncopated deaf beat’s blows, which cut through the shiny, frigid haze of synth swirls, wandering, at the same time sinister and ethereal, to soar on a blurry edge between dazzling brightness and haunting fear, atop airless angered vocalizations, tensely swirl and fall, surging into fierce, hypnotic retributions, left echoing on the edge of reason.

A gripping new entry from the mysterious synth artist, hopefully just an appetizer of what soon will follow.

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