WL//WH Track Of The Day: MONOPOLICE “Perfume”

Track Of The Day  MONOPOLICE  

Hailing from Cebu City, Philippines, Monopolice is an Indie Rock project founded by singer-songwriter and producer Miguel Lim (vocals) along with Karl Lucente (guitars), soon to become a full-fledged band with the addition of Amiel Cortes (guitars), Steven Medalle (bass) and Peter Mascariñas (drums).

Heavily influenced by the 90s and 00s Indie-Rock, Art-Rock, and Shoegaze, the band have just dropped their sophomore single “Perfume”, via fellow independent label Melt Records, a lovelorn and nostalgic, string-laden sentimental ballad about a broken-hearted soul lost in a sea of regret and betrayal, dumbfounded as “all I wanted was honesty”, seemingly inspired by a Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) quote from many years ago, “people are place and places are people,” which resonated with the main songwriter Miguel Lim at the end of a past relationship.

“Perfume” unravels clapping dragging percussions, breezy, cradling guitar strums, wrapped by lavish wandering layers of poignant string orchestration, punctuated by smooth and glossy wistful drops of electric piano keys along a clicking sound, underpinning a vulnerable, deeply heartfelt aching vocals, reflecting on the agony and pain from a sad, intimate memory.

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